Over 35 Years of jewelry experience...

Moose River Lake and Lodge now offers jewelry sales, appraisal, repair, and design as Fred Little, Jeweler! Besides offering an array of beautiful jewelry to buy for yourself or someone special, Fred can also work with you to be part of the process!  Select your design, metal, and stone for a personal piece of jewelry unlike any other.

Fred's years of experience shine in both his ability to repair jewelry, but also to appraise. We buy gold and silver, so if you are looking to rehome a beautiful piece that you no longer want, we'd love to see what you have!

After 35 years of business, Fred and Robin decided to close their jewelry and boutique, Sunshine Boutique, and move Fred's operation to Moose River Lake and Lodge in July 2017. Now, set up as Fred Little, Jeweler, one can still find Fred repairing jewelry while offering a great selection of jewelry for sale. Come in and peruse all of the beautiful pieces that we have to offer, or perhaps have Fred look at something you would like to have fixed, or to sell.